Travel accessory review: STM Grace Deluxe laptop bag

Since I started freelancing I’ve left a trail of at least three broken handbags in my wake. I’ve broken the straps of two favourite handbags and one overnight bag all because I’ve been lugging my laptop around inside them (along with my usual OTT collection of Things I Can’t Leave Home Without). When you’re freelance, no day is the same and regularly when I have meetings in town, it’s just easier to take my laptop with me so I can set up shop in Starbucks between meetings rather than running home to do a bit of work. Sadly, handbags are not made for the weight of a not-so-slimline device and laptop bags are so…functional looking so I’ve avoided buying a proper bag. Hence, the strap situation.

So, I’ve had my eye out for a sturdy-but-stylish bag that can carry the laptop, as well as my purse, phone, notebook and all other non-essentials. Most importantly, because I’m superficial (jk) it has to look good and not, y’know, like a laptop bag. Enter Australian brand STM’s Grace Deluxe laptop bag, my current favourite tech/travel accessory.

Available in four fetching colours including the 13” option I own with a green polka dot and indigo denim design, the ‘Grace Deluxe’ laptop bag definitely has it going on in the design stakes. With the polka dot design it (thankfully) doesn’t look like a boring, functional laptop case but don’t be fooled by the whimsical exterior; STM’s bag is sturdy but still slimline. The hidden magnet flap keeps your laptop securely tucked in place and the inner pocket is padded with plush fleece so your laptop is cozier than you are right now and should survive being tipped off a stool in Starbucks (maybe don’t try that one, though).

With the zippered outer pocket, the Grace Deluxe is roomy enough for cables and whatever little extras you can’t leave the house without or your travel essentials like passport and the beige straps are long enough to throw the bag over your shoulder and carry around all day without needing to take your handbag too.

Best of all? The Grace is named after US Navy Admiral “Amazing” Grace Hopper who helped develop the first programming language that revolutionised computers. She also retired at 80. Talk about a boss.

The verdict? Cool design while still keeping my laptop (and life’s work) safe. Two thumbs up for my new favourite work accessory.

STM’s Grace Deluxe has a RRP of £34.95 from


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