Podcast recommendations #2: This week I’ve been listening to…

You want podcast recommendations? I’ll give you podcast recommendations! Last week I was out sick for a few days so I didn’t listen to anything, bar ‘Brass Monkey’ by the Beastie Boys on a loop, but this week my podcast-a-day habit is back with a bang.

I hate podcasts with long preambles so without further ado, here’s the podcasts I’ve listened to and loved this week:

podcast recommendations writers louise o neillWriters Who Don’t Write – Louise O’Neill

I love interviews with authors, hearing about their writing process, anecdotes about where they got their characters from, how they got published, etc. That’s what’s so great about the Writers Who Don’t Write podcast, especially this episode with Irish author Louise O’Neill (if you haven’t read ‘Only Ever Yours’ and ‘Asking For It’ by now, hang your head in shame). Covering everything from Joyce as an overrated ‘Irish Shakespeare’ to New York as a vampire city, Louise touches upon ‘Americanizing’ the Irish out of her novel, her experience in a psychiatric ward and how our culture looks upon anorexia in almost rewarding terms.

Lady Lovin’ – Danielle Prescod podcast recommendations lady lovin lo bosworth

Recently I stumbled across Lo Bosworth of The Hills fame on Youtube talking about anxiety and life hacks for coping with anxiety and among the comments (yes, I read the comments section) was a mention of Lo’s podcast. Each week on Lady Lovin’, Lo, her BFFs Greta Titelman and Jilly Hendrix get together to talk about a subject, ranging from going vegan to saving money to their girl crush. This week I listened to their chat with fashion editor Danielle Prescod. I’m obsessed with fashion girls and Danielle talks about the insane amount of internships she did while still at college, her social media pet hates like being handed a hashtag the minute you go to an event (I hate this) and dishes out fashion advice. Definitely a good one if you want to work in fashion in NYC (or live vicariously through those that do).

"Vulture Festival - Milk Studios"
“NEW YORK, NY – MAY 22: David Chase (R) speaks onstage at the 2016 Vulture Festival at Milk Studios on May 22, 2016 in New York City. (Photo by Cindy Ord/Getty Images for Vulture Festival)”

A Sunday Evening with David Chase – Vulture Festival Podcast

I’ve just finished watching my favourite TV show – The Sopranos, obviously – all the way through for the third (ok, maybe fourth) time and it’s ALL I CAN THINK ABOUT. This means my life is consumed with Paulie Walnuts quotes, this Vanity Fair oral history and feeling like I’ve been punched in the gut by the ending. All over again. Anyway, to satisfy the Sopranos-shaped hole in my life, I listened to this podcast interview with the show’s creator David Chase (I also recommend this Peabody Stories That Matter one). Chase talks about the horrors of network TV, how The Sopranos being rejected by Fox was the best thing that happened his career, late night calls from James Gandolfini saying he couldn’t do the next day’s scenes, feeling jealous of Mad Men and lots more.

Nerdist – Sarah Jessica Parker

podcast recommendations nerdist interviewsOne of my favourite pop culture podcasts is The Nerdist, especially the interview with one of my favourite actresses Kirsten Dunst, who rarely seems to give interviews. Anyway, this week I listened to the SJP episode. Initially I thought she was a bit slow to warm up but the interview gathered speed as she talked about earlier roles like Square Pegs, her initial reluctance to sign up to a TV show when Sex and the City was in the works and – my favourite bit – her theory that Miranda, Samantha and Charlotte only exist in Carrie’s mind and column. Just like the Ferris Bueller only exists in Cameron Fry’s mind theory. WILD.  Now, enjoy your burrito.

podcast recommendations for writers longform podcastLongform – Caity Weaver

I’ve previously written about how great Longform is but it really is one of the best podcasts and definitely THE best if you’re a journalist and curious about the career trajectories of other writers. Staff writer at GQ Caity Weaver talks about her non-writing background, getting a job as ‘the nice one’ at Gawker, AJ Daulerio’s tip of dropping exclamation marks in your writing (I really need to work on that one) and touching Kim Kardashian’s velvety soft boob for a GQ profile in this episode of Longform. There’s a great line where she says you should give people less information than they need and that you don’t need to tell people what you’re bad at or be apologetic. Wise words, Caity.

Now, what podcasts have YOU been listening to? Tell me!



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