Treat your sweet tooth with these no bake chocolate oat bites

‘Instagram is better than a travel magazine’, I declared to an unimpressed group of travel journalists about 4 years ago. The lesson here? Know your audience. But I still stick by my belief in Instagram’s influence.

As my wanderlust waned (more on that in another post) Instagram started to give me another kind of inspiration: #foodporn. And yes, I am now a member of the Photographing Your Food Twenty Times As It Goes Cold group. Anyway, I’ve found so many amazing plant-based food bloggers and accounts, including Plant Based Jane, the Minimalist Baker and – my favourite – the Beaming Baker. And discovered a whole world of easy recipes and ideas to try in my own cooking.

The Beaming Baker has an unbelievably easy but addictive recipe for peanut butter and coconut bites that I can’t stop making (and my housemate can’t stop eating when I’m at work). As I mentioned before, I’ve been trying to go vegan after twenty years as your standard vegetarian (OK, I was vegan for almost two years in my early twenties) but this has been one of those weeks where I just NEED chocolate…and it’s only Tuesday.

So, I decided to add chocolate to Beaming Baker’s recipe and see how it turned out. The verdict? Well, am I glad I had chocolate cravings this week. They kinda taste like the chocolate-drenched rice krispie squares I made (and binged on) as a student. With the 80% cocoa chocolate they’re really rich so you won’t scoff the lot, one is enough. I guess that makes these a healthy snack, right?

Here’s my easy recipe for no bake vegan chocolate and coconut oat bites:


1 cup of rolled oats

1 heaped tablespoon sugarfree crunchy peanut butter (I love Kelkin but any nut butter will work)

1/2 cup of desiccated coconut

50g 80% cocoa dark chocolate chips/squares (I used dairy free but you could use milk chocolate or even white chocolate)

2 tablespoons sesame seeds

A splash of milk (I used almond but any type is good)


Over a low heat, slowly melt your peanut butter and dark chocolate, stirring regularly and making sure you don’t overheat it.

Pour your dry ingredients into the melted chocolate and peanut butter and stir until all the oats are coated in chocolate. Add the drops of milk and stir. The mixture should be firm but sticky.

With two spoons – or your clean, dry hands – form into small balls and place onto a large plate. They don’t have to be perfect balls – they’ll still taste delicious.

Place into the fridge for about two hours or until the chocolate has hardened again. Then, all you have to do is…enjoy!

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