Health and wellness podcasts for body and mind

Health and wellness podcasts are an easy way to pick up insider well-being tips and get a motivational pep talk for free. And who doesn’t need an extra serving of motivation every once in a while?

These days I love nothing more than spending an hour in the kitchen baking (or should I say no-baking) and listening to a podcast. As weird as it sounds, I go into a meditative state and get really narky if anyone interrupts me (you’ve been warned!). Lately I’ve swapped my usual pop culture or career podcasts  for podcasts about health and wellness. As I write this, Goop has just launched its first podcast – with Oprah as the first guest, no less – but I haven’t had a chance to listen.

Anyway, if you’re big into all things health and well-being related, here’s a few wellness podcast recommendations that might just lighten your day or give you the inside scoop on the latest health and fitness trends:

happier gretchen rubinHappier with Gretchen Rubin

I’m pretty sure everyone with an interest in wellness knows this podcast but just in case… Bestselling author Gretchen Rubin joins forces with her sister Elizabeth Craft for this award-winning podcast exploring themes including Self-Knowledge, Tips and Happiness alongside interviews and book chat. With books like The Happiness Project, Gretchen has carved an incredible career from her insights into the pursuit of happiness and the human condition so the podcast episodes about happiness are, in my opinion, the best.  With over 40 million downloads to date, this should be your go-to podcast if you’re serious about seeing the lighter side of life.

The Balanced Blonde – Soul on Fire

the balanced blonde podcastI first fell in love with The Balanced Blonde’s blog when I stumbled across Jordan’s post about living with eczema, a skin condition I know all too well. Since then I’ve become an avid reader of her blog, mostly for the recipes and motivational vibe, but now I love the Soul on Fire podcast too. As eclectic as her blog, the Balanced Blonde podcast covers all kinds of wellness hacks you can use in everyday life to more business focused conversations like running a successful wellness brand. If you’re as obsessed with gut health as I am, listen to the recent episode with Robin Youkilis or the one with Rachel Mansfeld (her Instagram is actual #foodporn) about intentions is highly recommended, too.

Wellness with Liz Earle

wellness-with-liz-earle podcastBritish beauty guru Liz Earle’s Cleanse & Polish has pretty much changed my life – well, my skin – and her wellness-focused podcast might just change your life, or at least how you look at certain health and beauty topics. The podcast complements Liz Earle Wellbeing magazine and each episode sets out to provide reliable wellbeing information you can actually apply in your daily life. Recent episodes have covered the joy of walking the Camino, weight-lifting and how to stop our unhealthy relationship with tech from taking over. To date there have been about 3 podcast episodes on all stages of the menopause, a subject I really feel a lot of media shy away from but that we should be talking about more.  For this reason alone, Wellness with Liz Earle gets my vote.

podcast recommendations let it out katie daleaboutLet It Out with Katie Daleabout

Formerly The Wellness Wonderland, Katie Daleabout’s longstanding podcast is all about creativity and wellness. I previously mentioned Katie in my wellness hacks post and you should definitely check out her book and podcast if you’re keen to start journaling. Each episode takes the format of a candid conversation and to date a host of authors, writers, musicians and wellness experts have offered their insights into self-care, shared their daily rituals and discussed how they make time for their relationships. There are lots of great conversations, including the most recent one with Deenie Hartzog-Mislock about taking care of yourself while freelancing and travelling a lot. If you’re a veggie/vegan/trying to eat healthier, there’s also Whitney Tingle and Danielle DuBoise of Sakara Life on plant-based diets and the benefits of cooking from scratch.

podcast recommendations good life projectThe Good Life Project

Wanna hear inspirational conversations with trailblazing creative types each week about their lives, lessons learnt along the way and career highs and lows? Well, who doesn’t? Presented by Jonathan Fields, the Good Life Project Podcast features in-depth interviews with luminaries like Elizabeth Gilbert and Seth Godin. New episodes are available each Monday and Thursday and the easy, unscripted conversation always produces a wise nugget or two. One of my recent favourites has been the interview with Gabby Bernstein about going from cocaine-addicted PR girl to wellness guru. Obsessed.

The Ultimate Health Podcast

health podcastsFasting, paleo, plant based diets – these are just a few of the hot topics The Ultimate Health podcast has come to grips with recently. I know the Ultimate Health Podcast is quite a boast but presenters Dr Jesse Chappus and Marni Wasserman really give all the essential information on a topic you’ve been curious (or worried) about, without feeling like you’ve just been lectured by your doctor. Sleep deprived? Check out the episode with Arianna Huffington about how to get a good night’s sleep. Each Friday they also release a short and sweet Focus Friday episode on one issue. Last week’s Focus Friday was on, er, focus and feeling like you’re permanently distracted or pulled in 9 different directions (boy, do I relate) so I definitely recommend this one.

Hay House Meditations

podcast recommendations meditationIf you’re anything like me and you just can’t get into meditating, Hay House Meditations podcast is for you. Authors like Deepak Chopra take you on a guided meditation on topics ranging from health and well-being subjects like getting a good night’s sleep to dealing with stress. I particularly enjoy the Louise Hay ones like the podcast dealing with forgiveness and releasing your fears but they’re all pretty relaxing and make for the perfect hot bath soundtrack. You’ll be feeling zen in no time.

Got a favourite podcast you think I should listen to? Let me know in the comments or tweet me. You might also enjoy my picks of best podcasts for women in business.

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