5 podcasts for creatives

Have I mentioned that I love podcasts? Oh, only about 800 times. And counting.

Some of my favourites are podcasts for creative entrepreneurs. Wide generalisation here but I find creative professionals hold their cards pretty close to their chests IRL so, when you’re a freelancer, it’s hard to find out the nuts and bolts of your profession without good ol’ trial and error. A lot of error.

I’ve found podcasts for creative entrepreneurs to be an absolutely invaluable source of practical tips and insider knowledge about running your own business in the 21st century. If you work in a creative field or you’ve got a side hustle you one day would love to turn into your main hustle, these podcasts will give you the tools, insights and inspiration to get things done to achieve your goals. In fact, they’ll pretty much be your career coach.

podcasts for creative entrepreneursHashtag Authentic

My number one podcast for anyone who works in a creative field is Hashtag Authentic by Sara Tasker of Me & Orla. An Instagram expert, Sara knows everything about upping your ‘gram game with stand out photography and eye-catching captions. But Hashtag Authentic isn’t just about Instagram though; it’s more about creativity and making creative pursuits into a successful, fulfilling business. I’ve learnt so much from this podcast and my favourite episodes are Megan Auman talking about making your work go viral on Pinterest, Dolly Alderton on self-doubt and Irish Twitter queen Samantha ‘Tweeting Goddess’ Kelly on how Twitter is all about how you make people feel.

How I Built This with Guy Raz

podcast-recommendations-creative-entrepreneurEver wondered how iconic brands like Dermalogica, Instagram and Wikipedia got started? This is the podcast for you. On each episode of this NPR podcast, host Guy Raz meets the brains behind some of our best known companies and gets to the bottom of where their Big Idea sprang from and how they set the wheels in motion. This is a bit more business oriented than the other podcast recommendations but any creative professional or aspiring entrepreneur will learn something from each interview. The Kate Spade interview from earlier this year is particularly poignant.

Magic Lessons with Elizabeth Gilbert

podcast-recommendations -liz-gilbertHave you read Liz Gilbert’s Big Magic? It’s one of the few ‘self-help’ books I find myself referencing, thinking about regularly or passing on its wisdom to others. Elizabeth Gilbert’s accompanying podcast Magic Lessons is a bit like Dear Sugars, Cheryl Strayed’s amazing, heartfelt life advice podcast, but Liz tackles creative quandaries. About two years ago I binged on all episodes and, even if you just listen to a few, you get the uplifting feeling that everything is fixable, doable and there’s ways around every obstacle – you just have to be open to it when genius decides to call on you.

Being Boss

podcast recommendations for creativesSelf-described ‘business besties’ Emily Thompson and Kathleen Shannon present this excellent podcast about kicking ass in your chosen creative career. Whether you’re already self-employed or thinking about making the leap into becoming your own boss, Emily and Kathleen have your back. The podcast is all about offering practical tips you can actually apply in your work day, from saying no to projects (check out that episode with Rebecca Jarvis, host of one of my other favourite podcasts, No Limits) to tips on scaling your business and pitching. Importantly, Being Boss covers the less glam subjects no one really talks about but we really need to know, like how to fire employees and what to do when partnerships go sour.

Make It Happen

podcast recommendations creative entrepreneurs lisa hughes blogMotivational podcast Make It Happen has covered the kinds of topics you want to know about – imposter syndrome, side hustles, listening to your gut, building a lifestyle brand and much more. As well as giving her expert take on these topics, creative coach Jen Carrington interviews fellow experts like Sara Tasker (Me & Orla), vlogger Estee Lalonde and storyteller Laura Jane Williams. As you can expect from someone with a book called ‘Nobody Is Going To Do Your Business (Or Your Life) For You’ Jen is not here for your excuses. Instead, she offers priceless, practical advice on how to get moving on the creative career you’ve always dreamed of. It might just be the push you’ve been waiting on.

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