About me

Hello! Thanks for visiting my blog! Chances are you probably have a rough idea who I am (given that this blog is in fact egotistically named after, er, my own name) but, for the latecomers at the back, here’s the briefest of brief intros.

Hi there! My name is Lisa Hughes and I work as a journalist, editor, writer and professional worrier here in Ireland. I’ve written for publications including RTE.ie, Cara magazine, the Irish Daily Star, Sunday Business Post, Irish CentralMaven46.com and many more. (Add me on LinkedIn to see my portfolio or have a nosey.)

Contrary to what people think when you say you’re a writer (‘hey, Carrie Bradshaw!’) you don’t always get to write about what you want so I started this blog not to aspire to become a ‘digital influencer’ but really just as a creative outlet where I can rant and rave (not really) and share recipes of the vegan food I over-zealously share on Instagram, musings on things and life hacks I pick up along the way. Hope you enjoy it and thanks for reading!

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