5 things you can do for your gut health

Confession: I first discovered the anti-inflammatory diet from Spencer Pratt. Yes, that Spencer Pratt. For the record, we both have sensitive skin so when I read his self-care routine on Fashionista, I thought the anti-inflammatory diet could solve my own skin and overall health woes too. Another reason to be thankful for Speidi, right?

When I first started looking into the anti-inflammatory diet I have to admit, I found the topic of gut health (Leaky gut! Microbiome! Good bacteria! Bad bacteria!) and the sheer amount of information on this topic to be completely daunting. While I’ve introduced aspects of the anti-inflammatory diet into my life – namely, my turmeric obsession –  it wasn’t until I interviewed a nutritional therapist last week about allergies (FYI, hay fever is caused by inflammation too) that I decided I really need to take this more seriously.

If, like me, you find the whole subject of gut health and anti-inflammatory food to be confusing and overwhelming, here’s 5 easy things you can do to look after your gut health today: Continue reading “5 things you can do for your gut health”

All out of vegan breakfast ideas? This blueberry oat parfait will hit the spot

Whether you’re looking for a vegan breakfast recipe or you just want a healthy snack to pop in the fridge while you’re on the go, this blueberry oat parfait will do the trick.

As mentioned in my 5 Morning Rituals post, I’ve really been trying to make time for breakfast these days and this recipe has become a morning staple. It’s an easy plant-based recipe for anyone looking for breakfast ideas that don’t involve eggs and, if you’re not vegan, you can use dairy yoghurt or honey – whatever you fancy!

vegan snack recipes berry parfait lisa hughes blogI usually use blueberries for this breakfast recipe so I can start my day full of antioxidants but I’ve also made this recipe with fresh raspberries and it’s equally delicious that way.

You can eat this blueberry parfait straight away but I find that leaving it overnight in the fridge makes it become firmer and the blueberry juice oozes into everything making it even more juicy and delish. Stop me, I’m drooling. Continue reading “All out of vegan breakfast ideas? This blueberry oat parfait will hit the spot”

How to get the best charity shop finds

Charity shops are the business. Where else can you get vintage designer threads alongside cat ornaments from the 1960s and 99 copies of Fifty Shades of Grey? I mean, really.

Earlier this week I read an interesting post on Racked about how the second-hand clothing resale market is predicted to hit to hit $41 billion by 2022 (wowzers!) and it got me thinking about thrift shopping. This past fortnight I’ve also binged on Layers, a clothes-and-stories podcast from Ana Kinsella and Stevie Mackenzie-Smith, and in one episode they mentioned stumbling across an incredible charity shop in Kensington. Cut to me musing wistfully about my college days when I would spend hours thumbing vintage clothing and lusting over things like a vintage 90s Escada suit but had nowhere to wear it to. Sigh.

If your experience of charity shopping has been less than rewarding and meant thumbing through sweat-stained Primark cast offs or mothballed jumpers worthy of a 1980s kids TV presenter, then you’re doing it wrong.

Here are some dos and don’ts of charity shopping so you can get your hands on amazing charity shop finds: Continue reading “How to get the best charity shop finds”

5 ingredient no bake date and pecan bites

Hands up if you ate a little too much chocolate over Easter! While I didn’t eat a single chocolate egg this year (yes, that sound you hear is the sound of my inner Chunk from The Goonies sobbing) I definitely overindulged on the food front and will be blaming Easter feasting for my next crotch blow-out. No regrets though.

As I mentioned before, I’ve really been trying to cut down on sugar in my diet so I’m always looking for sugar-free snacks to satisfy my sweet tooth and stop the nagging sugar cravings, especially after dinner when I would steal sweets straight from a baby. Continue reading “5 ingredient no bake date and pecan bites”

5 morning rituals to start your day positively

I won’t lie – I’m really not a morning person. In fact, I’d quite happily be a night owl for the rest of my days if I could get away with it, but for some reason though, other people aren’t really keen on doing meetings at 3am or responding to my 1.30am voicemails. Crazy, right? So, like I mentioned in my September Self-Care post, I’ve really been trying to become a morning person. Or at least less of a morning monster.

I’ve found that the best way to stop dreading getting up in the morning is to embrace morning rituals that make me feel positive and give me something to look forward to, other than a freshly brewed cup of coffee, that is. Instead of snoozing your 5 alarms for 45 minutes, here are a few morning rituals that will put you in a more positive frame of mind and set you up for a successful day. Continue reading “5 morning rituals to start your day positively”

Seriously addictive no bake date, Brazil nut and dark chocolate squares

I made these no bake date, brazil nut and dark chocolate squares last weekend and they are to die for, if I say so myself. So you can guess what recipe I’ll be rustling up again this weekend to celebrate St Patrick’s Day.

If you’re looking for a vegan snack recipe that will only take about 30 minutes to make, look no further than this no bake recipe. Not only are these squares a delicious way to get more nuts and oats into your diet but I can guarantee you will want to eat them all yourself. Continue reading “Seriously addictive no bake date, Brazil nut and dark chocolate squares”

What to do when your new job isn’t what you expected

Nothing beats the excitement of landing a new job, right? Well, maybe the burst bubble feeling of finding out your new job isn’t what it was cracked up to be. Now that feeling is hard to beat. For all the wrong reasons.

As I mentioned in my 5 Lessons I Learnt in 2017 post, I had a really bad experience last year when I excitedly signed up for a role that turned out to be nothing like what the employer had described to me. Since that happened, I’ve encountered other Career Catfish stories, like a guy who left a lucrative tech job for what seemed a bigger role, only to discover he was in fact back in a more junior sales role. Or the woman who took a ‘Marketing Manager’ job only to find out she was a glorified receptionist with minimal marketing responsibilities. So what do you do when your new job is a disappointment? Continue reading “What to do when your new job isn’t what you expected”

Health and wellness podcasts for body and mind

Health and wellness podcasts are an easy way to pick up insider well-being tips and get a motivational pep talk for free. And who doesn’t need an extra serving of motivation every once in a while?

These days I love nothing more than spending an hour in the kitchen baking (or should I say no-baking) and listening to a podcast. As weird as it sounds, I go into a meditative state and get really narky if anyone interrupts me (you’ve been warned!). Lately I’ve swapped my usual pop culture or career podcasts  for podcasts about health and wellness. As I write this, Goop has just launched its first podcast – with Oprah as the first guest, no less – but I haven’t had a chance to listen.

Anyway, if you’re big into all things health and well-being related, here’s a few wellness podcast recommendations that might just lighten your day or give you the inside scoop on the latest health and fitness trends:

Continue reading “Health and wellness podcasts for body and mind”

We Need To Talk About Endometriosis

Did you know March is Endometriosis Awareness month? More importantly, do you know what endometriosis actually is? Maybe you read Lena Dunham’s heart-breaking essay in Vogue about her decision to have a hysterectomy after years of endometriosis hell. Maybe you’ve recently been diagnosed. Or maybe you’ve never heard of endometriosis until now.

Hopefully you’ll hear a lot about endometriosis over the next month but nonetheless, I wanted to do my bit to shine a light on this largely overlooked condition and the diet and lifestyle choices which can ease the symptoms of endometriosis, a condition that has very much disrupted my life.  Continue reading “We Need To Talk About Endometriosis”